Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment

Peter M. File, D.O. offers a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, and health & well-being.
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Nutritional Balancing & Hair Mineral Analysis for the Whole Family

Nutritional balancing is an effective way to help the cells return to a healthy level of function and stay there. The process begins after taking a small hair sample to look within the cells to see which, if any, of the major minerals or the trace minerals are out of balance. It can also show if toxic metals are present within the body.
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Zerona Soft Laser Body Sculpting

Lose inches quickly with Zerona soft laser body sculpting.  Completely painless, safe, no recovery time, no surgery and FDA approved.  Nutritional counseling is also offered.  Special rates for 2012!
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